The Power of Community

In this short sermon, Nana Kofi Acquah shares a dream God showed him about the state of the church today. Too many Christians are struggling in private but putting on bold faces in public and those who’re best equipped to help them, show up in church, only interested in personal breakthroughs and opportunities. But is that the best we can do? We hope this sermon blesses you.

90&10 Financial Literacy 01 -R.A.B.B.I (t)

God is interested in everything you are and everything you do, and not just your tithe and offering. In this financial literacy series- 90 and 10, we look beyond the tithe and the offering and focus on 100% of the financial blessings God showers on his children.
How do you make money?, How do you manage it? How do you grow it?  What can you do now to secure your financial future? 

Why we give

In a time when the concept of giving is so exploited and abused, many sound Christians have become quite guarded. In this simple sermon, Brother Kudzo Seneadza takes us to a psalm that was made famous by Bonnie M. We hope this sermon inspires you to do more for God.

Praying To The God Who Heals

The first time Sister Susu prayed to Jesus Christ, she was already 29. Her first prayer was “God, show me you heal”, and with that short prayer began a journey of discovering the healing power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. As you listen to this sermon, may The Lord Jesus Christ become for you too, The God Who Heals.

Prayer- When We Make It About Others

In a time when everything is about ‘me, myself and I’, the ministry of interceding for others is almost forgotten. In this short sermon, Brother Matthew Simons shares amazing testimonies of how the prayer of the saints delivered both him and his wife Gifty in vehicular accidents at different times in one day. We hope that this testimony of God’s goodness, and the power that is released through intercession, will inspire you to pursue a life of constantly praying for others.

The Discipline and Power of Prayer

Brother Edwin Gbekor shares his testimony on how prayer delivered him from the power of the occult, and set him on a path to intimacy and growth in Christ. By the grace of God, he has seen God, through prayer, deliver many others, and God can deliver you too. We hope this testimony blesses you.