Why Christ alone?

Why would Martin Luther say “Christ is the centre and the circumference of the Bible”? Why do Christians insist on Jesus being the only way to God, especially when they know so many good hearted people who are not Christians? Are all those people going to hell? In this sermon, Pastor Kudzo Seneadza answers some of these difficult questions with a lot of wisdom and grace. Be blessed as you listen.

The Relevance of Scripture

In this sermon, Nana Kofi Acquah introduces what is the part one of a five sermon series on the relevance of Scripture, Faith, Grace, Christ and The Glory of God (also known as the five solas), in the Christian’s daily walk with God. May the Truth of God’s word minister to your heart, as you listen.

A Better Big Brother

In this sermon, Matthew Simons, takes us to story of the prodigal son, and shows us that unlike the jealous, judgmental big brother in that story, we have a Big Brother who is willing to make us Joint-Heirs of His inheritance. Christ’s willingness to share everything He has with us, in spite of our wastefulness, is the ultimate grace story.

God Remembers

Throughout the diverse dark periods in church history, God always comes through and always remembers His people. In this prophetic expository sermon based on the book of Zechariah, Brother Joe Seneadza points us to the Five Solas of The Reformation, and calls us the church to embrace the new move of the Spirit across the world.

3 Life Lessons – Tamar and Judah

In a world where everybody is quick to judge but slow to understand, Matthew Simons takes us to the story of Tamar, Judah and their twin sons, and teaches us the need to be slow to judge what we don’t fully understand, self control, especially in stressful times, and patience to wait on God when everybody around us seems to be finding short cuts to success.

The Invisibility of Womanhood (Mother’s Day Sermon)

Every woman, no matter what kind of woman they are or have been, can be used, and has been used by God. God can use you too, if you will allow Him. He knows the hurdles that are designed to impede your progress, and He shows us through scripture, that He is willing and able to help you overcome and become everything He says you are. Happy Mother’s Day